Co-op America Declares UCRF
Certifiably GREEN!

What does it mean to be green? According to Co-op America (the nation's long time leader on the path to healthy, sustainable living), green organizations operate in ways that solve - rather than cause - social and environmental problems. These organizations are innovative and adopt principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, employees, and communities - both locally and globally.

As the result of a detailed screening process that looks at organizational commitments and accomplishments, The Upper Cervical Research Foundation has been recognized and certified by Co-op America as a green business and has been admitted to the national Green Business Network. Members of Co-op America's Green Business Network have made extraordinary contributions to promoting healthy communities, preserving the environment, and delivering quality services to consumers.

UCRF is now also listed in the National Green Pages among other organizations that are value-driven and dedicated to socially responsible practices. To learn more about social responsibility and Co-op America, please visit their website at


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