UCRF Remarks on Good Morning America Feature and Blood Pressure Study

NUCCA doctors realize there is scientific, medical, and chiropractic exposure resulting from the blood pressure study that has now reached the national media through ABC's Good Morning America's segment : "Hypertension: A Pain in the Neck". [Tuesday March 25 (2008)]

The NUCCA Director of Research believes that ABC's Dr. Tim Johnson assessment of the study is correct. It is "very intriguing", "important" and "absolutely deserves more study" but this was a study involving only one Chicago certified NUCCA doctor and a small number of people. Scientists call such a study a pilot study. No one knows the long- term, single- adjustment effect because the study only kept track of patients for 8 weeks after the adjustment. When asked why it works, Dr. Johnson said "We don't know why." And NUCCA research does not know the answer to "why" either although we certainly have some educated guesses. Dr. Johnson stated that the area of the brainstem where the atlas vertebra is located is involved with regulation of blood pressure.

Both Tim Johnson, MD, (Boston) and George Bakris, MD, (Chicago & lead author of the study) realize that there was a "very significant drop in blood pressure" and realize the importance of future research to determine which people can benefit from this procedure.

NUCCA has developed a highly advanced hand-adjustment procedure that is an extremely precise and gentle technique unlike any other kind of chiropractic care. NUCCA chiropractic addresses mechanical spinal injuries (trauma) primarily in the neck and head region. These injuries cause neurological, postural, and spinal imbalances.

The tool of the NUCCA doctor is the upper cervical adjustment. The purpose of the adjustment is to mechanically return the head and neck to its normal position. By returning the head and neck to its balanced position, neurological stress is reduced and body posture is returned to normal.

Each patient's chiropractic adjustment experience and healing response is unique. One thing is universal: the light touch of the adjustment will set your body in the direction for achieving optimum health.

NUCCA requires the existence of postural problems to qualify as a patient; all of the people in the pilot study had postural problems. NUCCA doctors do not claim what they do should substitute for standard medical practice nor do they necessarily take people as patients on the basis of symptoms or pain.

The Upper Cervical Research Foundation is currently seeking financial support for the continuation of this important research.

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