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Look here to find a list of health problems that have responded to NUCCA care.
Allergies   Eye Infections   Migraine Headaches
Arthritis   Fever   Multiple Sclerosis
Asthma   Fibromyalgia Symptoms   Muscle Cramps
Arm Pain   Flu Symptoms   Muscle Spasms
Athletic Injuries   Frequent Colds   Neck Pain
Attention Deficit Disorders   Growing Pains   Nervousness
Back Pain   Hand Pain   Neuralgia
Bed Wetting   Hay Fever   Neuritis
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome   Headaches (All Types)   Numbness
Cerebral Palsy   Herniated or Protruded Disc   Pain (Chronic)
Child Development Problems   High Blood Pressure   Poor Vision
Child Sensory Disorders   Hip Pain   Restlessness
Chronic Facial Pain (Bell's Palsy)   Hyperactivity   Scoliosis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome   Immune System Deficiency   Sciatica
Chronic Infections   Indigestion   Shoulder Pain
Circulation Problems   Infertility   Sinus Problems
Constipation   Irregular Menstrual Cycles   Tendonitis
Depression   Joint Pain   Tight Muscles
Digestive Problems   Knee Pain   Tingling Sensations
Dizziness   Learning Disability   Tourett's Syndrome
Epileptic Seizures   Leg Pain   Whiplash Injuries
Ear Infections   Low Back Pain    
Ear Ringing or Buzzing