Dr. Chung is a wonderfully patient Dr of this NUCCA chiropractic specialty practice.  My first adjustments of this type were administered by a Dr in Tampa Bay who was trained under Dr Dickholtz and where I called home for many years.  Upon returning to the Chicagoland area to be close to family, I knew I would be in good hands at this office.  What  a blessing that Dr Chung sees me early on Saturday mornings as I commute from near Frankfort, IL to his office on Peterson Av in Chicago.  Just last night he even stayed late to allow me travel time so I may get that most important ajustment.  It's been some 16 yrs that I have recieved these ajustments and the relief I experience is natural and quick and keeps me from needing prescribed drugs that I so dislike.  I suggest this "treatment" for one and all, young and old alike to maintain good health as well as preventative medicine!
Ah, no upper or lower back or sciatic nerve pain!  This is how I spell RELIEF!  Thank you kindly Dr Young Chung.
You would..