I was recommended this treatment by a friend for whom it had been very supportive. When she described it to me it made total sense that the atlas vertebrae -the carrier of the whole world of the physical body- when adjusted would address many layers of the human being, not only physically but also soul and possibly spirit/mind consciousness.
Because as baby I had fallen of the changing table; as a 11 year old I fell head first from a monkey bar (still have that scar on my scalp..); falling of horses and bikes etc. I thought that some residue of  the above mentioned spills gave me  a feeling of not being straight or balanced in the right/left planes enough; of feeling thick on the left side of neck when I turned it; my right leg was "longer" than the left; of having tightness in my back; at times I had the sense that I could not remember well; I would wake up at night with numbness in left hand and sometimes also in my foot. I had the need constantly to crack my lower back; crack my neck;  and feeling the rib that never stayed in place though I faithfully went to a great chiropractor ( and it stayed in place for a time but then kind of popped out).So I decided to invest in this treatment and observe where it would lead me.
After a very thorough examination Dr. Chung applied pressure on my atlas. Afterwards I experienced my left side as expanded beyond the physical and then later on the muscles started to be painful as they had to learn to let go of the unhealthy imblance they had taken on support my uprightness. I also experienced slight flu like symptoms, however, Dr. Chung had given a very clear and outlined explanation of not only how the treatment worked but also the physical effects after the first adjustment so I felt confident in the less comfortable experiences which lasted only for a short time.
Now, a few months later, I feel my legs are even; when I walk this is very apparent as well as when I sit; my neck on the left side feels fluid and free; I am getting strength back into both left arm and leg which had had to compensate for the imbalance; the numbness is not there anymore; I feel more upright and is able to hold my back straighter without tiredness; my popped-out rib is bothering me less and less.
I will soon have my 6th visit to ensure I hold my balanced uprightness  which was already showing in the 5th visit without any other adjustments ever done ( I just had one done!). The encouragement to come back for check ups proves to me the seriousness and consciousness of Dr.Chung's professionalism for each patients full well being of proper alignment.

Thanks to my friend who recommended Dr.Chung and thanks Dr.Chung for reconizing the importance of the ATLAS, the portal to that which houses so many treassures, our brain and nervous sense system and the beginning of our true uprightness.

Warm Greetings, Susanne
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