I could never have imagined the extent of the benefits I would get from NUCCA Wellness Care!! My physical and mental well-being has markedly improved over the last two months or so since I had the NUCCA procedure done. I feel I have begun a process of healing that will continue for a long time. This is one of the best things I have ever done to take care of myself. Dr. Young Chung did an incredible job and really educated me about the procedure and how it affects one's body. He talked about the purpose of his care as helping his patients to achieve a better balance and resilience, starting with the nervous system, rather than directly trying to relieve their symptoms in ways that further debilitate the body. I am a fifty-year-old woman who has been experiencing a decline in physical and mental well-being over the past several years. I found out that a research study had been done at the University of Chicago that showed that a chiropractic procedure was beneficial in helping reduce blood pressure significantly. I obtained the name of Dr. Young Chung. Dr. Chung offered me a free consultation about the procedure and I saw him a few days later. I thought I could potentially benefit from the procedure so Dr. Chung performed it on me a few days later. I am very pleased with the results of having had my atlas vertebra adjusted by Dr. Chung. The procedure itself was simple, painless and non-invasive. Dr. Chung took his time to explain everything in detail every step of the way. He fully answered my questions and continues to do so in my follow-up appointments. After the procedure was done by Dr. Chung, I felt the effects immediatly and they have continued on. I have felt a great lessening of anxiety and physical tension, particularly in my neck and chest. I have been sleeping better. A long-term problem I have had with swallowing has been noticeably relieved. I have slowly been decreasing the amount of blood pressure medication I take and my blood pressure has stayed in the normal range generally. I am very grateful to Dr. Chung and those who have created this kind of health care. R. Ferrera
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